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Film + the Maker

What goes into making a movie? What choices do you have to make? And does the film come across as the filmmaker intended? In Film + the maker you not only watch a film, but you also meet the filmmaker who gives you an insight into the process from idea to film.

Through the active set-up and film analysis, students discover what is involved in making a film. The power of visual language is discussed in a playful way. In this way, students learn to look even better and see more in film. What would they do if they were the screenwriter, sound engineer or cinematographer? They answer viewing questions, do assignments and not only talk to each other, but also to the filmmaker.

A total of two short films will be watched. We start the lesson with the film Sevilla (NL 2012, 11') that students analyze together with a film teacher. Then they meet the maker of one of the following films, depending on which filmmaker can attend:

I Love Hooligans
(Jan-Dirk Bouw, NL 2013, 13')
(Mari Sanders, NL 2013, 10')
Yulia & Juliet
(Zara Dwinger, NL 2018, 12')

This programme is suited for the various forms of secondary education.


This programme is only available in Dutch.


1 hour and 30 minutes


€ 250.- per class

Number of participants

Maximum 60 students (2 school groups)

Number of supervisors

Bring a supervisor for every 15 participants. When booking, we always agree the final number with you. Access for supervisors is free

For whom

Years 4-6 of vmbo-gl/tl, havo and vwo. All levels mbo, hbo, wo

Book programme

Use the button on the right side to book this programme. Please book at least four weeks in advance of the desired date.
If you have any questions, please contact our education department: educatie@eyefilm.nl