Film + the maker

What would you do if you were a screenwriter, sound engineer or a camera man? And why were this particular music and these particular actors chosen for this particular film? In this programme, pupils are invited to step into the shoes of a filmmaker.

A special feature of this programme is that a real filmmaker will be present to take the pupils behind the scenes of the film world. What kind of things are involved in making a film? Which choices do you have to make? And do the pupils experience the film as the filmmaker intended?

We will also playfully consider the power of visual language. Pupils are used to watching films and thinking about the film’s story. But what do you see when you look closer? Pupils will learn to look at film even better by means of viewing questions, hands-on assignments and dialogue. An essential skill in the world of today.
This programme is suited for the various forms of secondary education.

The films in this programme are

- Sevilla (NL, 2012, 11:14)
- I Love Hooligans*( NL, 2013, 13 minutes – Jan-Dirk Bouw)
- Sync!* (NL, 2013, 10 minutes – Mari Sanders)
- Yulia & Juliet* (NL, 2018, 12 minutes – Zara Dwinger)
*We work with three filmmakers for this programme. The choice for the second film depends on which maker can be present for the post-conversation session.

Further information


1 hour and 30 minutes


€7 per pupil/student

Number of participants

60 maximum

Number of supervisors

Bring a supervisor for every 15 participants. When booking, we always agree the final number with you. Access for supervisors is free.

For whom

Years 4-6 of vmbo-gl/tl, havo and vwo. All levels mbo, hbo, wo.

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