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Guest lesson A Suitcase Filled with Film

How exciting, a suitcase filled with film in the classroom. What’s in it? In this guest lesson, pre-schoolers watch and listen to special, funny short films from Eye’s collection. From the latest award-winning animated films to films dating back a century. Using the stuff in the suitcase, the museum educator invites pre-schoolers to take a good look at the films they see.

What film can do

Based on clear and fun assignments – such as acting, drawing and dancing – pre-schoolers discover all sorts of things about film and also what film can do. They learn that film is made up of single frames set in motion, that early films often did not have colour or sound and also that films are able to evoke various feelings and emotions.

Film language & cultural heritage

Learning about film language

Experiencing that films are made up of several elements, such as: image, story, characters, sound, music and colour.

Learning about cultural heritage

Understanding terms relating to cultural heritage, such as: in the past, old, new, preserving and special.


This programme is only available in Dutch.


1 hour


€ 120.- per class


Dutch, Orientation to yourself and the world and Artistic orientation: learning to express (2), historical sources (51), expressing feelings and experiences (54), reflecting on work (55), knowledge of cultural heritage (56)

For whom

Group 1 and 2


At school

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