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Guest lesson Animate Your Class

Guest lesson, with a lead role for the chairs in the classroom. How does an ordinary lamp get to play a lead role or how do you make an egg laugh and move? Through viewing and hands-on assignments based on older and new films from Eye’s collection, pupils discover the unlimited possibilities of animation. They also collect tips and tricks to be used in the film they afterwards make themselves.

Film history

Pupils learn in a playful way about important developments in film history, such as colour and sound. Together they will make a short animated film with a lead role for… the chairs in the classroom. Chairs? Absolutely! Anything is possible in film.

Film language & cultural heritage

Learning about film language

Developing insights about the functioning and development of animation and gaining greater understanding of motion, characters and music.

Learning about cultural heritage

Learning to distinguish between past and present films and drawing on historical sources for inspiration.


This programme is only available in Dutch.


1 hour and 30 minutes


€ 145.- per class


Dutch, Orientation to yourself and the world and Artistic orientation: learning to express (2), historical sources (51), expressing feelings and experiences (54), reflecting on work (55), knowledge of cultural heritage (56)

For whom

Group 3 and 4


At school

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