Guest lesson Film for the Future

What would you like to see preserved in 100 years’ time? Eye Filmmuseum preserves an enormous number of films, they make up the museum’s collection. But why do we preserve all these films? And why is it so important? In this guest lesson, children reflect on cinematic heritage and explore it, based on the theme of school.

Making films

Pupils together watch older and recent short films from Eye’s collection. They learn about cameras and editing, make a storyboard as well as a short film about their own school. A film for the future. What would they like children to see about them in a 100 years’ time; what must be preserved?

Eye is celebrating its 75th anniversary and is handing out birthday treats

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Film language & cultural heritage

Learning about film language

Pupils learn what it takes to make a film by making a simple film themselves.

Learning about heritage

Pupils discuss why something needs preserving, which value to attach to it and what is important to preserve for the future.



1 hour and 40 minutes


€ 145


Dutch, Orientation to yourself and the world and Artistic orientation: learning to express (2), historical sources (51), expressing feelings and experiences (54), reflecting on work (55), knowledge of cultural heritage (56)

For whom

Group 7 and 8

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