Online Film Lessons

It is easy to engage in film education on the basis of our free online lessons. Encourage your pupils to look at the images they see even better. Will you opt for a monthly short film lesson from our This is Film programme? Or a single lesson based on an art film? We focus on film from several perspectives, from video art to editing. Simply select the lesson that suits the class you teach.

This is Film

How can you enhance the experience of film using several camera angles? What is the effect of sound on our viewing experience? And how can you use editing to tell a story?

The series of lessons This is Film encourages pupils to discover the influence of cinematic design on the experience of film. A new lesson is offered free of charge every month.

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Expanded Cinema

In the free online lesson Expanded cinema, pupils explore the possibilities and limits of cinema on the basis of active assignments and dialogue. They also investigate the various forms film can assume.

Expanded Cinema revolves around the work of Daan Emmen and filmmaker Nanouk Leopold. The two talk about their creative process and invite the pupils to carry out an assignment experimenting with film.

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Entertainment & Engagement in Film

This free online lesson revolves around Larissa Sansour’s film Nation Estate (2013), a work that was also featured in the group exhibition Trembling Landscapes at Eye Filmmuseum in 2020.

In this lesson, pupils explore the filmmaker’s message step by step and reflect on how they themselves give meaning to art.

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