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Guest lesson Fact or Fiction?

You instantly know what you’re looking at as you’re zapping, swiping or scrolling through videos, films and television programmes. You can usually tell within seconds if something is fiction or non-fiction. If it’s real or scripted, a gripping feature film or a documentary. Fact or fiction?

Still from Helaas ben je het niet geworden (2017, Anne van Campenhout & Nicky Maas).
Still from Helaas ben je het niet geworden (2017, Anne van Campenhout & Nicky Maas).

On the other hand; we think we can tell non-fiction from fiction. But how can we be sure at a glance what it is we’re looking at? How is that we can tell? Is non-fiction always based on facts? Can something really be pure fiction or pure fact?

The power of the camera

Turn your classroom into a cinema for an hour and take your students into the special world of Fact & Fiction. On the basis of a documentary, the students and the filmmakers embark on a journey of discovery in the cinematic world of fact and fiction. The maker enters into a surprising conversation with the students about the power of the camera, editing, sound and scenario.

Objective and factual

The film quiz with its many clips allows pupils to apply the knowledge they have just acquired. Now that they are more alert: how objective and factual is Reality TV, or a vlog?

Fact or Fiction? is a collaboration between Eye and IDFA.

Exhibition programme

An expanded version of the guest lesson can also booked as part of the exhibition programme.

Expanded version


This programme is only available in Dutch.


+/- 1 hour


€ 200.- per class

Number of participants

Maximum 30 students

Number of supervisors

The teacher must remain present during the guest lesson

For whom

Years 4-6 of vmbo-gl/tl, havo, and vwo. All levels mbo.


At school


In preparation, a short film (20-25 min) is to be watched before. This can be done in class or individually


An interactive whiteboard or beamer with laptop to play a presentation. We will send the link in advance

Book programme

Use the button on the right side to book this programme. Please book at least four weeks in advance of the desired date.
If you have any questions, please contact our education department: educatie@eyefilm.nl