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We work closely with top-of-the-line suppliers. Our exclusive catering partners are Select Catering for large groups and Eye Banqueting for smaller groups. They are happy to support you in creating the optimal packages and will follow up with flawless execution to indulge your guests with the best catering possibilities.

Smaller groups

For groups under 100 people, Eye Banqueting will provide catering for your event. Various packages have been put together, which are easy to combine. If you have any questions about the packages, you can contact Eye Banqueting directly via or 020-7027614. For a specific cost overview or request, please visit Eye Banqueting's website or take a look at this brochure.

Larger groups

For groups larger than 100 people or for a tailor-made proposal for an exclusive event, Eye has an exclusive partner in Select Catering. For the past 30 years, Select Catering has been organising a wide variety of events, including private and corporate events, conferences, and gala dinners. For each event, it is the experience that counts and at all times Select Catering aims for meeting your personal requirements, in terms of culinary interpretation, decoration, and service. For more information, we would like to refer you to their website, this brochure, or contact or 020-6475888.

Eye Bar Restaurant

At Eye Bar Restaurant in the middle of the museum, you can have lunch and dinner with a panoramic view over the river IJ. You can also enjoy a drink or snack in the restaurant or on the spacious terrace by the water. For information or reservations, please contact Eye Bar Restaurant via or 020-5891402.

Dinner in IJ-Lounge
Dinner in IJ-Lounge