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Celebratory event

Company party, anniversary, birthday, or drinks reception? Invite your colleagues, friends, and/or family for a special day at Eye. Go all out in the cinemas for an award show, product launch, or ceremony. Or welcome your guests in a private space for an exclusive cocktail party or luxury dinner.

For both corporate and private celebrations, Eye is the perfect venue. Enjoy impressive spaces, fantastic catering, and excellent service. Add fun extras to your programme for an unforgettable experience, such as a guided tour or film quiz.

  • Four cinemas for max. 67, 127, 130, and 315 people
  • Cinemas available on weekdays until 17:00
  • Private multi-purpose rooms available in the evenings and weekends
  • Catering spaces for welcome drinks, break, lunch, cocktail and/or dinner
  • Various furniture setups possible, for example round dinner tables
  • Decoration options, for example with branding in your corporate identity
Dinner with colleagues
Dinner with colleagues
Atmospheric setting in IJ-Lounge
Atmospheric setting in IJ-Lounge

Example: company outing

For an exclusive and amusing outing with your team, you book the IJ-Lounge and the opposite Waterfront. In one room, all catering is set up, accompanied by lively music. The other room is prepared for the presentations, speeches, and film quiz. Both spaces are adjacent to the permanent exhibition, so during the break, you take a look and learn more about the evolution of film.

  • Space for presentations & film quiz
  • Space for catering & music
  • Laptop connection for projection, basic sound system, and wireless microphone
  • Luxury snacks and unlimited selection of Dutch beverages
  • Uplights to illuminate the space in any color
  • Dedicated catering staff
  • Location manager

Calculation example (altogether)

18:00 - 22:00 for 60 guests: € 95 per person excl. VAT.

Example: farewell drinks & film

You welcome all colleagues and friends at the heart of Eye. On the Arenaplateau, the catering staff serves coffee, tea, and sweet treats. For this occasion, you have hired Cinema 3 to watch the film of your choice. Afterwards, you return to the Arenaplateau to discuss the film while enjoying a glass of fizzy wine and flavourful snacks.

  • Cinema for private screening
  • Catering space
  • Coffee, tea, and sweet treats
  • Sparkling wine and snacks
  • Dedicated catering staff
  • Location manager

Calculation example (altogether)

13:00 - 18:00 for 120 guests: € 85 per person excl. VAT.

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