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Corporate event

Congress, symposium, seminar, meeting or presentation? Whatever it is that you are planning, Eye has everything you need for a successful corporate event. Iconic building, spectacular views, inspiring film environment, plus all high-end services and facilities.

Where would you like to receive your guests? In a cinema with comfortable seats and state-of-the-art sound and vision, or one of the multi-purpose rooms with a panoramic view? A combination is also possible. All you have to do is invite your guests; we will give them the lead role.

  • Four cinemas for 67, 127, 127 en 315 people
  • Cinemas available on weekdays until 17:00
  • To combine with spaces for catering breaks and break-out sessions
  • Multi-purpose rooms also available on evenings and in weekends
  • Flexible lay-outs and setups for, for example, a product launch or workshop
  • Possibility to rent Eye in its entirety, up to 900 guests
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Example: presentation

You will be giving a presentation of the annual figures for about 40 guests and you are looking for a space with a flexible setup. You have considered Room at the Top and Waterfront, but ultimately book IJ-Lounge, because you can outside for drinks afterwards.

  • IJ-Lounge in theatre setup
  • Catering in the same room
  • Laptop connection for projection and sound
  • Welcome drinks with coffee & tea, biscuits, fruit and infused water
  • Drinks reception with snacks and unlimited Dutch drinks

Calculation example

13:00 to 17:00 for 40 people: € 60 per person excl. VAT.

Example: conference

You are planning a conference for 300 delegates. You book Cinema 1 for the plenary sessions, in combination with the adjacent Foyer and Arenaplateau for all catering moments. In the afternoon you use Room at the Top, IJ-Lounge and Waterfront for the workshops.

  • Cinema as plenary room
  • Catering space
  • Three break-out rooms
  • AV packages and Wi-Fi
  • Location manager
  • Coffee & tea and sweet treats upon arrival
  • Breaks with drinks & snacks
  • Luxury sandwich lunch
  • Drinks reception

Calculation example

9:00 to 18:00 for 300 people: € 120 per person excl. VAT.

Conference in Cinema 1
Conference in Cinema 1
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