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Podcast: From the fifth row at Die Hard

Podcast From the fifth row..., that started with a series from Cannes continues! Presenter Cesar Majorana will go on telling beautiful, exceptional past and present cinema stories. In the next episode of From the fifth row... Majorana will investigate Die Hard, which will be screened at Eye on 19 December 2021 (the 35mm version!) during the Overlooked Xmas Movie Night – but then during the day.

By Eye Editors16 December 2021

Die Hard as the ultimate Christmas film?

Every year in December people ask: is Die Hard (1988) a Christmas film or not? After all, the story is set on December the 24th, the soundtrack is full of Christmas songs and it (sort of) snows at the end. However, on the other hand: all the violence, swearing and one-liners like ‘Yippee ka-yee, motherfucker!’ aren’t that family-friendly. For the past few years, the debate has primarily raged online in memes and has led to an entire Die Hard merchandise industry that supplies everything from ugly Christmas sweaters to a picture book for kids.

Die Hard Christmas tree ornament

Download the kit and make your own Die Hard ornament.

Die Hard ornament kit

During a special episode of the podcast From the fifth row... (a VPRO Cinema and Eye Filmmuseum co-production), Cesar Majorana will end the debate surrounding the classic action movie’s status as a Christmas film once and for all. Why is that even important? Cesar talks to a meme expert, the world’s biggest Die Hard fan and one of the film’s scriptwriters.

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From the fifth row...

During the 20 to 30-minute episodes Cesar Majorana tells one or two exceptional film stories from the origins of a classic and the oeuvre of a maker to the essence of a film festival. Cesar starts every episode with a question, then seeks answers using interviews, reports and archival excerpts. For instance, he takes you to the location, as he did before to the heart of the film market at Cannes. Annually he produces 3 to 4 series of 1 to 4 episodes.

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The podcast’s title refers to Cesar’s favourite row to sit in at the cinema: fifth row puts you close to the action, yet still allows you to see what is going on around you. From the fifth row... isn’t about the latest film news, but instead about (largely) timeless stories. Contemplative, investigative and surprising.

Cesar Majorana in the studio
Cesar Majorana in the studio

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