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Op de vijfde rij...

In the podcast series Op de vijfde rij... (From the Fifth Row...), journalist Cesar Majorana tells beautiful and special stories of film from the past and present. The podcast is a collaboration between VPRO Cinema and Eye Filmmuseum.

Header podcast Op de vijfde rij...
illustration: Aafke Bouman

The title of the podcast refers to Cesar's favorite row in the cinema: from the fifth row ('op de vijfde rij') you are close to the action, but you also have an overview of what is happening around you. Op de vijfde rij... is therefore not about the latest film news, but about (largely) timeless stories. Contemplative, investigative and surprising.

In episodes of 20 to 30 minutes, Cesar tells one or two special film stories, from the genesis of a classic and the oeuvre of a maker to the essence of a film festival. He starts each episode with a question and searches for an answer through interviews, reports and archive fragments. This way he takes you to the place where it happens, like the heart of the film market in Cannes. He makes a series of 1 to 4 episodes 3 to 4 times a year.

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Podcast Op de vijfde rij...

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The creators

The podcast Op de vijfde rij... is a collaboration between VPRO Cinema and Eye Filmmuseum.


Cesar Majorana


Jelle Schot


Frithjof Kalf

Researchers Eye Filmmuseum

Ronald Simons and Anna Meijer


Julius Jongsma


Aafke Bouman


Joyce Feijen


Tibor Dekker (VPRO Cinema), Mila Schlingemann and Lisette Ruijtenberg (Eye Filmmuseum)

A collaboration of

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