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Short Scores: LazerGazer

In Short Scores, Eye on Sound playfully pushes at the boundaries of film music. We asked a new generation of musicians and composers to create new mini film scores to accompany a short piece of film of their choice from Eye’s collection. LazerGazer chose Fun on a Sand Hill (1899).

By Thijs Havens26 November 2021

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For Short Scores, LazerGazer wrote a new soundtrack for Fun on a Sand Hill (1899), a fragment from Eye's collection.

Could you introduce yourself?

Hala Namer also known as LazerGazer. Born in Damascus, Based in Amsterdam, an artist, musician, and a dj.

Hala’s visual and audio practice evokes a wide range of energies and raw emotions, it’s an ambient emotional rollercoaster, and a myth stimulation.

Why did you pick this specific piece of film?

At First the tensity between the staged moving image and the realness in the collective action lured me to the film.

My process is intuitive usually, for example I find an element and focus on it and build the sound with it and around it. I noticed a Boy, he reminded me a lot of the satellite character in the Kurdish film Turtles Can Fly by Bahman Ghobadi. I wanted to give that grip to it: the slow tension buildup and melancholic melodies that give Kurdish Cinema its special beauty.

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Every three weeks, we will add a new clip accompanied by fresh new music to the Short Scores collection, which will therefore keep growing.

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