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Vincent Rietveld on The Seventh Seal

Theatre maker Vincent Rietveld (De Warme Winkel) will be at Eye on 11 November 2021 to show how he, Manuel Boutreur and Rob Smorenberg tried to create a climate-neutral performance at a combination of the première of the documentary Afscheidstournee [farewell tour] and a live performance.

By Anna Abrahams05 November 2021

In this interview he draws a parallel between their bicycle journey from theatre to theatre while they carted along their set and a tent in a trailer, and the film The Seventh Seal (‘Det sjunde inseglet’ by Ingmar Bergman, 1957). In this classic, a group of Medieval players trek from one village square to the next to perform in a world shaking in fear of the Plague; that era’s pandemic.

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Eye-programmer Anna Abrahams in conversation with theater maker Vincent Rietveld on The Seventh Seal.

The Seventh Seal will be screened on 11 November 2021, preceding Afscheidstournee as part of Eye’s themed programme Cinema Ecologica. The latter examines the depiction of the relationship between humanity and nature. It wonders whether film can help us to create an impression of a world we would like to live in.