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still La mort de Louis XIV (Albert Serra, FR 2016)

La Mort de Louis XIV

Albert Serra / FR, 2016 / 115 min.

Albert Serra cast none less than Jean-Pierre Léaud in the role of the dying Louis XIV. After almost seventy-five years of absolute monarchy, ‘le Roi-Soleil’ dies, surrounded by a conspiring court. Portrait of a reign as a cunningly directed play.

poster La mort de Louis XIV (Albert Serra, FR 2016)

The king returns from a walk and feels a burning pain in his leg. He is quickly felled by a fever and withdraws into his opulent sleeping quarters, surrounded by a hand-wringing court of servants, counsellors and physicians. His leg, turned black by gangrene, rests pontifically in a gilded cage.


La mort de Louis XIV was the first time director Albert Serra hired professional actors. For his visually overwhelming style, the Catalan artist/filmmaker drew inspiration from paintings. The extravagant wigs above the Louis’ collapsing face underline the king’s banality and nakedness as he is forced to acknowledge his superior: death.

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Albert Serra

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La Mort de Louis XIV


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Albert Serra

Eye Filmmuseum presents the first exhibition in the Netherlands about the work of Catalan film and theatre director Albert Serra. Transforming the entire exhibition space into an immersive stage, Serra orchestrates nocturnal and clandestine encounters where theatre, cinema, and art converge.

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still La mort de Louis XIV (Albert Serra, FR 2016)
still La mort de Louis XIV (Albert Serra, FR 2016)
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