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Mesmerizing animations that make you think about identity, political commentary in groundbreaking music videos and film installations that present social inequality with humor. In this exhibition, the three filmmakers - Meriem Bennani, Kahlil Joseph, and Karrabing Film Collective - show how they translate current social themes into image and sound.

campaign image Eye Art & Film Prize – Meriem Bennani, Kahlil Joseph, Karrabing Film Collective

The activism in their work connects these three artists. Meriem Bennani translates contemporary topics - and taboos - in the fields of gender, migration, biotechnology and religion into fascinating animations. Artist Kahlil Joseph creates immersive installations and groundbreaking music videos for musicians such as Kendrick Lamar, Flying Lotus and Beyoncé. Black culture, and its representation, is central to his work. The Karrabing Film Collective - an indigenous media group founded and based in the Northern Territories of Australia - explores social inequality with their powerful, well thought out films and installations. All three are winners of the Eye Art & Film Prize and leading in the field of film and visual art.

With dialogue and interactive tasks, students investigate how the three artists translate their message into moving images. Fun, interaction, looking critically and putting your own experience into words are central to the tour. The exhibition and tour are only suitable for students aged 15 and up.



60 minutes


€ 70 per group, including access to the exhibition

Number of participants

Maximum 15 students per group, a maximum of 30 students simultaneously

Number of supervisors

Take one supervisor with every 15 students. When booking, we always coordinate the final number with you. Admission for supervisors is free.

For whom

The guided tour is suitable for students from 15 years and above.


From 17 June 2022 – 18 September 2022, this tour can be booked.

Kahlil Joseph, Wildcat (Aunt Janet), 2016 (photo: Peter Cox/Bonnefanten)
Kahlil Joseph, Wildcat (Aunt Janet), 2016 (photo: Peter Cox/Bonnefanten)
Karrabing Film Collective, The Family, 2021
Karrabing Film Collective, The Family, 2021