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Discover the Exhibition

From June 8 through September 29, 2024, Eye Filmmuseum presents Albert Serra – Liberté, the first exhibition in the Netherlands dedicated to the Catalan film and theater director Albert Serra. Due to the content of the exhibition being unsuitable for individuals aged 15 and under, we do not offer a guided tour for schools (vmbo, havo, vwo and mbo). Nevertheless, it is possible for these groups to book the guided tour Discover Cinema through the permanent exhibition What is Film.

Visits for university (hbo and wo)

University (hbo and wo) groups can visit the Albert Serra exhibition independently upon registration. Registration can be done at least two weeks in advance by sending an email to

On the edge of a dark forest, a man in an 18th century costume with a white powdered wig looks into the distance

still Liberté (Albert Serra, FR/DE/PT/ES 2019)

still from Liberté (Albert Serra, FR/DE/PT/ES 2019)

still Liberté (Albert Serra, FR/DE/PT/ES 2019)

Expected exhibition from October 2024

Underground – American Avant-Garde Film in the 1960s

From 21 October 2024, we will offer a special educational tour for the exhibition Underground – American Avant-Garde Film in the 1960s. This tour will shed light on avant-garde film in the United States during the 1960s. The exhibition will feature works by Stan Brakhage, Bruce Conner, Marie Menken, Shirley Clarke, Yoko Ono, and Andy Warhol.