Guest lesson Just Like in the Film

Will you join us on a time travel? In this guest lesson, pupils will travel back in time, to the challenges faced in film history. Using films from Eye’s collection and viewing and hands-on assignments set by the museum educator, they will discover some of the clever tricks used by filmmakers of the past.

Soundtrack, green screen and sound

The class works on three challenges: How do you make a soundtrack for a silent film? How do you act without sound? How do you make someone disappear without a green screen? Pupils get to work and find out how film has become the medium we know today.

Eye is celebrating its 75th anniversary and is handing out birthday treats

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Film language & cultural heritage

Learning about film language

Developing insights about the functioning and development of film and gaining greater understanding of acting, sound effects and visual effects.

Learning about heritage

Making connections between the past and the present and examining what has changed. Learning to apply film techniques of the past.



1 hour and 30 minutes


€ 145


Dutch, Orientation to yourself and the world and Artistic orientation: learning to express (2), historical sources (51), expressing feelings and experiences (54), reflecting on work (55), knowledge of cultural heritage (56)

For whom

Group 5 and 6

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