Presentation on Film

There’s lots and lots to tell and find out about film. Do you want to give a presentation or do a project on film? You can find everything you need right here.

Presentation on film

Visit Eye

Eye’s permanent presentation gives you loads of information on film. You can see lots of old equipment films used to be made with, and watch hundreds of film clips from the very early days right up to today. You can also make a flipbook of yourself and act in a real film scene using a green screen.

All over Eye you will find old devices that can teach you something about film and the moving image. There is also a treasure hunt – you buy this from the box office for 1 Euro. Or you can just go off searching by yourself.

Another good tip: in the corridor by Cinema 3 there’s a window you can see through into the projection cabin. The cabin is the place in the back of the cinema where the films are started.

What is film?

What does a film producer do? How do films get made? How old is film? You can find the answers to all these questions in the PDF What is film? (in Dutch). This tells you all about how to make a film, and you can find out about how film was invented. Really handy for your presentation or project.

Want to find out more? Dive further into the world of film with our School-TV series. Here, you can learn everything you need to know about the effect of different camera shots, good acting and getting the right sound.

Working with film yourself: stop-motion film and flip book

Want to make a film yourself? Stop-motion is a good place to start. Stop-motion is a technique that allows you to make a short film, shot by shot. You take a lot of photos of a subject that changes a tiny bit between each photo. When you show all the photos one after another, you get a film.

To learn how to make a stop-motion film, you can follow an animation lesson online. You can download this for free here. This uses the stop-motion studio app – the lesson also explains how to use this.

Another good idea is to make a flipbook. A flipbook is a little book with a small drawing that changes a tiny bit on each page. When you ‘flip’ or leaf through the book with your thumb, you see the drawings very quickly one after the other. This makes all the individual pictures look like a film. So with this little flipbook you are making your very own mini-film!

Watch a tutorial here.