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Star in your own mini-movie: make a Flipbook in the Flipbook Machine at Eye Filmmuseum!

© Corinne de Korver

A pair of hands flips through a flipbook made in Eye Filmmuseum
© Corinne de Korver

Have you seen the TikTok trend? You can make your own Flipbook in the permanent exhibition on the ground floor of Eye Filmmuseum. Press start, make a fun move, and have your mini-movie immortalized in the Eye Shop on the ground floor.

How does it work?

A movie is really nothing more than a bunch of sequential still images. Usually, a second of film consists of 24, but nowadays even 60 or more, images (or 'frames'). By showing them in quick succession, the suggestion of movement is created. This is how your brain is actually fooled. And that's how the Flipbook works. After taking photos in high sequence, we print them out separately and staple them together. You can then play your own short movie by quickly flipping the pages over your thumb — time after time.

Practical information

To create a Flipbook you must first buy an entrance ticket (€12.50) for the permanent exhibition. Access the ground floor (-1) and make your own Flipbook. You can try as many times as you like. Then choose your favourite mini-movie and have it printed for €6.95 per copy at the Eye Shop.

Your entrance ticket also gives access – on the same day – to the exhibition on the 1st floor.


What's the price of a Flipbook?

When can I make a Flipbook?

Is a copy of a Flipbook included in the entrance fee?

What else can I do with my ticket?

What happens in the event of a technical malfunction?

Are there any other interactive installations?

Can you also visit the permanent exhibition or the temporary exhibition on another day with your ticket?

Is the permanent exhibition also open if there is no temporary exhibition?

Can I also access the permanent exhibition with a film ticket?

What is Film?

The Flipbook machine is part of the permanent exhibition ‘What is Film?’.

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An example of the end result!

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Two adults dance in front of the Flip Book machine
© Corinne de Korver
A computer screen shows a selection of films recorded on the Flipbook machine
© Corinne de Korver