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From 28 November, Eye is open daily until 17:00, we ask you to keep the 1.5-metre distance and wear a face mask indoors.

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Donations and legacies

Without you, there's no Eye Filmmuseum. Would you like to donate or bequeath to Eye? Or maybe you have a special last wish or want to organise a memorial ceremony in Eye?

© Paul van Riel
© Paul van Riel


We are very grateful for every contribution and make purchases, research, exhibitions, educational and restoration projects possible. As an ANBI ("Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling"), Eye is exempt from payment of gift and inheritance tax. Your donation will fully benefit Eye.


If you are considering making a donation to Eye, there are different ways we can help:


With an inheritance, you appoint Eye as a (co-)heir. You then leave your estate or part of it to the museum.


You can also include a legacy in favour of Eye in your will. A bequest means that the museum receives a certain amount or goods from your legacy.

Named Fund

If you want to support a specific goal of Eye, for example education, research or preservation of the collection, you can also place your inheritance or legacy in a Named Fund by means of your will. You then determine the name of the fund and on which objective Eye may spend your assets. The minimum amount for a Named Fund is €50,000. With your support in the form of a legacy or bequest, you contribute in a very personal way to the dreams and ambitions of Eye.

Donations of film or film-related materials

Would you like to donate your (film) collection? We are always looking for new and special materials to expand our collection. In our Collections sector, our curators can assess whether your (film) collection fits within the Eye collection.

In 2012, Eye received an extensive collection pertaining to Julie Andrews from a generous donor, including unique The Sound of Music posters from Japan and Australia, among other materials.

Poster The Sound of Music Japan.
Poster The Sound of Music Japan.
Still from the long-lost Hungarian film Munkászubbony (1915)
Still from the long-lost Hungarian film Munkászubbony (1915).

In 2013, Eye received a collection of 120 film reels donated by a collector. Several special titles were identified, including the presumed-lost Hungarian feature film Munkászubbony from 1915.

Special requests or memorial ceremonies

Do you have a special wish that we can help you with? For example, would you like to see your favourite film with your loved ones in one of our cinemas? Possibly supplemented with the opportunity to have a private reception afterward. Eye can also accommodate memorial ceremonies.

Contact us

We are happy to discuss special requests with you. Please contact Nanette Zwaan: nanettezwaan@eyefilm.nl

Cinema 4 is ideal for a private film screening.
Cinema 4 is ideal for a private film screening.
© Martin Hogeboom
© Martin Hogeboom