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Embodiment, Presence and Illusion in XR Performance Practice - art and science meet

Cinedans Festival 2022

Lecture on embodiment, presence, and illusion in VR by VR-expert Joris Weijdom and neuropsychologists Anouk Keizer and Ineke van der Ham.Free entrance. No need to sign up.

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Cinedans brings together Joris Weijdom, VR-expert, Anouk Keizer and Ineke van der Ham, neuropsychologists, for a lecture on embodiment, presence, and the creation of illusion in the virtual environment.

For all three of them Virtual Reality occupies an important place in their professional practice. Whether creating an artistic work or using immersive technology in scientific research, 'imagination' plays an important role in all of them. How does the brain 'fools' us when we enter the virtual world? What does that mean for our physical awareness and how can it be manipulated?

Joris, Ineke and Anouk are all involved in the Cinedans VRLab '22. After an introduction to their experiences, findings, and vision, they will talk to each other and the audience about the body in virtual space. Can you be fully present without a real, visible body?

Joris Weijdom is a researcher and designer of performative mixed-reality experiences, and lecturer at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. He researches embodied design methodologies in collaborative mixed-reality environments with the University of Twente.

Ineke van der Ham is an associate professor at Leiden University and specializes on spatial cognition and innovative healthcare. She studies how learning through immersive technology can be optimized and made more inclusive.

Anouk Keizer is an assistant professor at Utrecht University and focuses on the role of bodily experiences in mental health. She is especially interested in how technology can contribute to understanding bodily experiences.

Free entrance. No need to sign up.

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Cinedans 2022

In five full days, Cinedans presents the state of the art of international dance film in partnership with dancescreen - IMZ International Music + Media Center Vienna.

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campaign image Cinedans Festival 2022
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