Eye International Conference

Once a year, Eye is the venue for an international conference attended by film scholars, archivists, curators and restorers. The conferences are organized in collaboration with national and international partners from both the academic world and the field of film heritage.

In 2014, Eye partnered with New York University and the University of Amsterdam to organize the first Orphan Film Symposium to be held in Europe. This biennale was devoted to so-called orphan works. Over 200 international guests from thirty countries came to Eye for the event. 

In 2015, in collaboration with the UvA and the universities of Bristol and St. Andrews, Eye presented the conference The Colour Fantastic: Chromatic Worlds of Silent Cinema. It examined the use of colour in the era of silent film. Besides presentations by international specialists from various disciplines, the programme included screenings of restored and/or rarely seen films. 

In 2016, due to moving to the new Collection Centre, Eye organized a smaller though well-attended international symposium, Exposing the Film Apparatus.

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  • Compilatie door Jonathon Rosen (in: Fantasia of Color in Early Cinema, 2015)

  • La peine du talion (FR, 1906)

In 2017 the conference has devoted two days to the latest and most innovative restoration projects with a special European version of the successful symposium The Reel Thing. The event was a collaboration with the founders of The Reel Thing, Grover Crisp and Michael Friend (Sony Pictures Entertainment) and the Association of Moving Picture Archivists (AMIA). 

The 2018 edition has celebrated the fifteenth anniversary of Preservation & Presentation of the Moving Image. This master’s programme now has around 180 alumni who are active in museums, archives and universities all over the world. The conference theme was Activating the Archive. Audio-Visual Collections and Civic Engagement, Political Dissent and Societal Change

In 2019, the 10th Women and the Silent Screen Conference was hosted by the 5th Eye International Conference (25-29 May). Women and the Silent Screen (WSS), an international conference held biennially, brings together research focusing on all forms of women’s presence in the earliest decades of motion picture history. After its first edition in Utrecht in 1999, the conference came back to the Netherlands to celebrate its twentieth year. The theme of WSS X was Sisters, taken both literally and figuratively within a wide range of theoretical and historical angles. 

From 23-27 May 2020, the biennial NYU Orphan Film Symposium was supposed to return to Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam, focussing on the urgent but perennial subjects of Water, Climate, and Migration, by examining how neglected works have recorded, represented, and imagined these phenomena throughout the history of moving images. Unfortunately, the 2020 Eye International Conference / Orphan Film Symposium had to be cancelled due to the global health crisis. The Orphan Film Symposium migrated to an online edition









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