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Eye is all about images, but also about imagination. Listen to lectures, talks and radio and drift away to film music.

Op de vijfde rij...

In the podcast-series Op de vijfde rij... ('on the fifth row'), Cesar Majorana tells beautiful and special film stories from the past and present. The podcast is a collaboration between VPRO Cinema and Eye Filmmuseum.

Herzog on Herzog

Based on the idea that no one is able talk about Herzog as well as Herzog himself, curator Jaap Guldemond and film programmer Thijs Havens chose six statements by the almost mythical filmmaker to shed light on his ideas about film and his way of working.

Holland Festival 2021

This year, Eye puts the spotlight on Ryuichi Sakamoto, one of the associate artists of the Holland Festival 2021. Sakamoto's latest work Time will premiere during the festival, an unconventional wordless opera he made together with visual artist Shiro Takatani. Eye will organise seven accompanying programmes in June focusing on Sakamoto's illustrious career. Programmer Thijs Havens spoke to De Groene Amsterdammer about Sakamoto (in Dutch).


In the Eyeshadow series, Eye focuses on the mutual influence between music and film. Live acts are always accompanied by thematically chosen films that highlight how film and music have been reinforcing each other since the beginning of film. This is a playlist of all the artists who have performed at Eyeshadow. It can also be used to discover that (online) connection with film yourself, especially now that the artists cannot do this live with you.

Black Light

The Black Light film programme puts the spotlight on the depiction of Black identity in film, from 1920 to the present day.
This is a playlist of the best songs from the films that would be on the program. Five soundtracks (The Harder They Come, If Beale Street Could Talk, Slaughter's Big Rip-Off, Sorry to Bother You and Truck Turner) are also available on vinyl in our Eye Museumshop (normally only in-store, now available online) .

We also made a podcast for the film program in which screenwriter Ashar Medina, director Lodewijk Crijns and casting director Susanne Groen talked to each other under the direction of Jennifer Muntslag. The podcast highlights different perspectives. Why is representation in film so widely discussed? How does the Dutch film world think about diversity?

Additionally, Cineville dedicated a podcast to Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing, which has been re-released by us.

Andrej Tarkovski

(In Dutch)

In the autumn of 2020, Russia expert Otto Boele (Leiden University) provided a six-part series of lectures accompanying the film program and the exhibition about Andrej Tarkovsi. In his lectures he discusses, among other things, the political and social backgrounds of Tarkovsky's films. Boele highlights, among other things, Tarkovsky's problems with Soviet censorship and analyzes how the director in films such as Stalker bend the science fiction genre to his will.

Isabelle Huppert

(In Dutch)

In the summer of 2019, we dedicated a film program to French star actress Isabelle Huppert. Cineville made a podcast about her to mark the occasion.

Alex van Warmerdam

(In Dutch)

On the occasion of our Alex van Warmerdam exhibition L'histoire kaputt in 2018, we produced a four-part podcast series together with VPROs Nooit Meer Slapen. Nine people who work closely with Van Warmerdam or have been following the artist for a long time sketch the contours of his personality. Among others, Annet Malherbe, Marc van Warmerdam and Ariane Schluter are speaking. In addition, there is a podcast of the Nooit Meer Slapen episode of 4 June, in which Alex van Warmerdam talks about life and work for an hour, following the exhibition.

placeholder Alex van Warmerdam podcast

Aflevering 2: Ik wil daar een boom

placeholder Alex van Warmerdam podcast

Aflevering 3: Ik ben de blokker niet

placeholder Alex van Warmerdam podcast

Aflevering 4: Hij is de Heilige Geest

placeholder Alex van Warmerdam podcast