• Friday 7 December 2018

    New Eye Artist and Scholar-in-Residence programme presented

    Following a long tradition of previous collaborations with renowned artists and academics Eye presents the 2018/2019 edition of the Eye Artist and Scholar-in-Residence programme. This programme which was first introduced in 2017 is by invitation only allows an artist and a scholar to explore and creatively reuse archival material within the Eye collection. This year, Eye has invited Dutch...


  • Wednesday 10 October 2018

    Film Literacy Seminar: Exploring Visual Culture

    This October Cinekid, ECFA, Eye and FLICK are hosting the Film Literacy Seminar: Exploring Visual Culture in Amsterdam. The industry event is organised on Tuesday October 23rd. You can view the day's programme here. Film offers a wealth of...

  • Tuesday 2 October 2018
    Ex Machina

    Museumnacht 2018 in Eye

    Man and Machine will merge during Museum Night at Eye. Intelligent silicon chip implants and artificial intelligence as a formidable rival of the human brain; it has long ceased to be a distant reality only. Don’t be amazed to find Museum Night at...

  • Saturday 28 July 2018

    The Man Machine: Technologizing the human body and humanizing technology

    James Whale and David Cronenberg once presented dystopian visions of the future with Frankenstein and eXistenz, but the humanization of technology now seems a given. Have we cleared the final hurdle? Eye looks back and ahead with a programme on...

  • Thursday 5 July 2018

    Celebrated Dutch cinematographer Robby Müller has passed away

    Cinematographer Robby Müller passed away in his hometown Amsterdam on July 3. Harry Dean Stanton in the Texan desert, Johnny Depp floating to sea by canoe: Robby Müller, the Netherlands' foremost cinematographer, is responsible for many memorable...

  • Thursday 7 June 2018

    Our newest employee is a robot

    A computer program that works day and night creating experimental films that match early twentieth century footage with current trending events. This is Jan Bot, EYE Filmmuseum's first robot employee.