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Global Audiovisual Archiving: Exchange of Knowledge and Practices

Eye International Conference 2022

29 — 31 May 2022

The annual Eye International Conference is an opportunity for scholars, archivists, curators, researchers, filmmakers, students, artists, and film enthusiasts from across the world to gather and explore contemporary professional and academic issues affecting audiovisual heritage today.

Eye Filmmuseum, the University of Amsterdam (UvA), Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA), and the Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) will present the 7th Eye International Conference on ‘Global Audiovisual Archiving: Exchange of Knowledge and Practices’.

The 2022 edition will focus on the imbalance or current misrepresentation of global audiovisual heritage holdings, looking in particular at the alarming scarcity of audiovisual heritage from the Global South in the digital space.* We will provide speakers and participants a platform to encourage knowledge exchange between scholars and archivists from different parts of the world, and different archival traditions. The conference offers a space to consider the impact of geographical location, the availability of resources, technical and digital gaps, and different audiovisual traditions. We will discuss archival challenges and think together about new models for collaboration.

The goal of the conference is to broaden the knowledge and connections within the global archival community, leading to new insights on the status of film heritage and archiving in different parts of the world.

Call for Proposals

The Call for Proposals is now open and the deadline to apply is 16 January 2022. We encourage proposals from participants, archives, and regions that are underrepresented in conferences related to audiovisual heritage, discussing topics that highlight concrete, urgent, practical concerns, and threats to collections.

Read more and submit your proposal online


For this edition, we are aiming to offer a hybrid conference format to accommodate everyone. In this case, there will be a separate registration fee for in-person participants and virtual participants. Please note that all presenters must register for the conference and that we do not provide registration or financial compensation for speakers with the exception of a limited number of travel grants.

Travel Grant Program

We have established a travel grant program for speakers of the Eye International Conference. The grants, up to €500 each, can be used to partially offset registration and travel costs. To apply, please submit a brief motivation (no more than 500 words) addressing the financial need for the award, as well as how attendance at the conference will contribute to your professional development. You can submit your application online by 16 January. The travel grant program is only open for speakers of the Eye International Conference 2022.


The Eye International Conference 2022 will take place in Amsterdam, from Sunday, 29 to Tuesday, 31 May, 2022.

Participants are also invited to two annual side events:

* Meet the Archive, an afternoon public program highlighting recent projects from the Eye Collection on Saturday 28 May;

* Open House at the Eye Collection Centre, a program of guided tours, presentations, demonstrations, and discussions, on Wednesday 1 June.


Steering committee

Giovanna Fossati (President)
Gerdien Smit (Secretary)
Frank Roumen (Meet the Archive)

Program committee

Giovanna Fossati (Eye/University of Amsterdam)
Anne Gant (Eye)
Gerdien Smit (Eye)
Rachael Stoeltje (AMIA/Indiana University)
Dennis Doros (AMIA)
Laura Rooney (AMIA)
Floris Paalman (University of Amsterdam)

Advisory board

Aboubakar Sanogo (University of Carleton)
Ines Aisengart Menezes (Freelance Moving Image Preservation and Presentation Consultant)
Juana Suárez (New York University/APEX)
Judith Opoku-Boateng (University of Ghana)
Karen Chan (Asian Film Archive)
Lisabona Rahman (Freelance Moving Image Preservation and Presentation Consultant)
Maral Mohsenin (Cinémathèque suisse, University of Lausanne/University of Amsterdam)
Martino Cipriani (RMIT University Saigon/University of Amsterdam)
Nour Ouayda (Metropolis Cinema Association Lebanon)


Questions? Email us at conference@eyefilm.nl.

Attend the Facebook event to stay up to date with the latest conference news and invite other film enthusiasts.

* Here the rough categories “Global North” and “Global South” are used for lack of better definitions. These terms are problematic as they convey a sense of “geographic determinism” and need to be replaced by more precise descriptions of the specific cultural and geographical contexts that are discussed. It should also be noted that a similar unbalance exists within Global North countries between institutional and non-institutional (and/or counter) archives.

Header image © Francis Alÿs, REEL-UNREEL, 2011, Kabul, Afghanistan 2011, 19:32 min. In collaboration with Julien Devaux and Ajmal Maiwandi. BY-NC-ND