• VJ Academy "Spacechangers"
  • VJ Academy "Spacechangers"
  • VJ Academy "Spacechangers"
  • VJ Academy "Spacechangers"
  • VJ Academy "Spacechangers"

Eye on Art Research Labs: VJ Academy "Spacechangers"

Eye on Art's Research Labs provide scope for a new generation of curators and artists to hone their skills. Students from different art academies and universities are asked to put together a programme featuring their own work and films (including remixes) from Eye’s collection. Research Labs do not follow a strict format and often result in a cultural crossover between film and other art forms.

The best-curated programme and the best work will be awarded by a student jury and a jury of Eye film professionals.


VJ-ing is and has always been about augmenting our experience of reality through adding virtual video layers. This year, VjAcademy students Eva and Bram explore two recent techniques to seamlessly merge the real and the virtual using film. We end with an exciting interactive masterclass for all Research Lab participants based on live editing.

1. Throwback to 16, Janskerkhof - Eva Verhoef

In this project we welcome back Holland’s Golden Age. Eva Verhoef projects the history of past residents of Utrecht directly on to the still existing houses they once lived in. She uses the technique of ‘3D projection mapping’, whereby the spatial geometry of buildings plus software calculations are used to transform video imagery in such a way as to create powerful optical illusions.

Eva started working on this project with fellow students and with the help of the LiGHT-up collective and HKU, bringing a 3D-scale model to explore this unique version of outdoor cinema at Research Lab. In addition to the scale model on display that shows you how the projection interacts with the 3D shape, Eva will also document the full-sized project on the big screen and reveal how the magic works. For those aspiring to use the entire iconic Eye museum building as their canvas one day: we’re including a scale model of Eye as well.

2. Close Dancing - Bram de Bree

Stage arts such as dance performances necessarily involve a certain distance between audience and performers. They both need space, and therefore cannot come too close physically. Too bad, because much of the nuance of the dance is lost this way. Cinema solves this problem using strategies such as closeups and multiple camera angles. Only now we miss the experience of being in the same space as the dancers! Bram combines the best of both worlds in this VR dance performance (building on his previous work for the AKI finals in Enschede). To help you distinguish between real and unreal, the dancers are … not quite human. Bram invites you to experience it for yourselves by wearing your VR set. He will also discuss the project in greater detail on the big screen, where everybody can see the individual experiences live. He will also present a demo on how the project was made.

3. Remixing Research

Bram and Eva are both live video performers (VJs). On behalf of VjAcademy they would like to share their techniques of live editing/SFX in an interactive masterclass, using videos made for other Research Lab programs. They invite you to join them and discover this unique take on video for yourselves. VJing is usually set in clubs, to music, so as an experiment they will remix the entries for the 2019 Research Labs to the best-known music scores from film history, inviting the audience to join them

algemene informatie


zo t/m do: 10.00 - 22.00 *
vrij & za: 10.00 - 23.00 *
* afhankelijk van aanvang laatste voorstelling

dagelijks: 10.00 - 19.00 **
** zie tentoonstellingsdata

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n.b. Eye is donderdag 2 april 2020 de hele dag gesloten wegens een besloten evenement. 


(let op! bij festivals of speciale voorstellingen kunnen deze prijzen afwijken)

standaardtarief film



Reductie film *


Eye Society leden


Kind (t/m 11 jaar) **


Cineville / NFC / KNF ***


10-rittenkaart (alleen aan de kassa)


Combiticket film & tentoonstelling (alleen aan de kassa)


toeslagen voor film
Bij voorstellingen van langer dan 150 minuten geldt een toeslag van € 2,50. Bij voorstellingen van 210 minuten of langer betaalt u € 5,- toeslag. Ook voor voorstellingen met live-muziek, lezing, 3D-vertoningen en 70mm kunnen toeslagen gelden. Deze toeslag geldt ook voor Cineville-pashouders.

tentoonstelling *****



Reductie tentoonstelling ****  



Eye Society leden


Museumkaart /  I Amsterdam
(alleen aan de kassa) 


BGL VIP-kaart
(alleen aan de kassa) 


0 t/m 18 jaar **


Cineville / CJP


Combiticket tentoonstelling & film
(alleen aan de kassa)


* Voor filmvoorstellingen geldt de reductieprijs op vertoon van Studentenpas, CJP-kaart, EYCA, Cultuurkaart, Stadspas, Huisvuilpas Amsterdam-Noord, BGL VIP-pas, I Amsterdam-pas. Leden van filmbrancheverenigingen krijgen korting op filmvoorstellingen op vertoon van hun NBF-pas. Uw kortingspas dient aan de filmzaal getoond te worden.
** Kinderen onder de 12 jaar moeten binnen Eye altijd worden begeleid door een volwassene (18 jaar of ouder).
*** Cineville is geldig voor de meeste reguliere filmvoorstellingen, soms met toeslag. 
**** Voor tentoonstellingen geldt de reductieprijs op vertoon van Studentenpas, Stadspas, Huisvuilpas Amsterdam-Noord.
***** Voor de zomertentoonstelling kan een toeslag gelden.


Eye ligt direct tegenover station Amsterdam Centraal aan de overkant van het IJ en is gemakkelijk te bereiken met de gratis pont. Ook met de auto is Eye goed bereikbaar.

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