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Onbekend / NL, 2013

The 4th Shortcutz Amsterdam will continue to welcome inspiring filmmakers to share their wisdom with the new generation of filmmakers.

poster 4th Shortcutz Awards

This year we will have the honour of welcoming:- Rutger Hauer – actor (Blade Runner, Batman Begins)- Béla Tarr - Hungarian filmmaker (The Turin Horse, Satan's Tango)- Jan Harlan – producer of the late Stanley Kubrick (Full Metal Jacket, The Shining);- Leontine Petit – producer and founder of Lemming Film (The Lobster, Full Contact);- Anne Barnhoorn – Golden Calf winning screenwriter (Aanmodderfakker, Adios Amigos)- Job Joris & Marieke – Oscar nominee animators (A Single Life, Otto)- Marina Blok - Eindredactie NTR Kort- Jos de Putter - documentary filmmaker (See no Evil, Radio Kobani)

And more to be announced soon! The event recognizes the best of Dutch short film, granting prizes in 10 categories voted on by a jury: Best Director, Best Documentary, Best Animation, Best Experimental, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Actor, Best Actress, Audience Award, and Best Film. The latter receives a prize worth €10,000 contributed towards the making of a new film and an equal contribution by Cam-a-lot and Filmmore. Cam-a-lot also awards the winner of Mr. Zee Best Cinematography with equipment rental worth €2.500.

The winners of these categories are chosen by our Jury composed of: actor Tygo Gernandt; director Roel Reiné; actress Ariane Schluter; director Eddy Terstall; Stanley Kubrick”s producer Jan Harlan, producer Jeroen Koolbergen, actor Rutger Hauer, producer Jan Doense aka Mr. Horror, actor Vincent van Ommen, producer Harmen Jalvingh, Nederlands Film Festival programmer Claire van Daal, EYE programmer René Wolf, and street-artist Laser 3.14.

The Audience Award is chosen by viewers across the country who attended screenings of the nominated films co-organized by six film platforms: Louis Hartlooper Complex, Film Platform Rotterdam, Gewoon Reservoir Dogs Maken, Cavak, Arnhems Doek, and Broet Basement.

The winning short films in the categories: best film, best animation, best documentary and best experimental, will be screened in their entirety.

Although Shortcutz Amsterdam focuses on promoting the work of young talent, it also recognizes the relevance of the experience of more established filmmakers in pushing the art forward. The award can be seen as a way for the up-and-coming generation of Dutch filmmakers to thank those who have inspired and paved the way for a better Dutch filmmaking.

Director and producer Pieter Kuijpers is this year”s honouree of the Shortcutz Amsterdam Career Award.








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foto Shortcutz Awards 2017
foto Shortcutz Awards 2017
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